Resilient Rose

The Rebirth of Dignity

William Kellibrew
Global Victim & Survivor Advocate

From trauma to triumph, through the eyes of the only living eyewitness to his family’s brutal murders, Resilient Rose shares the gripping true story of a boy who sought death, struggled to survive, and instead emerged as a global voice and advocate for victims and survivors of crime, abuse, and neglect.

In his memoir, William details his childhood traumatic history, troubled teenage years, and an encounter with hope and destiny that would propel him as a sought-after speaker and practitioner, addressing violence prevention, trauma-responsive, and healing-centered approaches.

William’s struggles were met with a multitude of support and arguably, none more important than the woman who he lovingly referenced as “Mama".

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“Resilient Rose is a touching personal account of overcoming loss and unthinkable tragedy. Hope will always help you find a way through darkness. Kellibrew’s fighting spirit is an inspiration to me.” 

Shawn Harrison
Actor from Family Matters

“William Kellibrew’s book is more than wrenching. His words are painfully honest. They are from a young man that I watched grow up in the glare of the Washington, DC media. That little boy who always wore a suit found a faith, mixed with education and determination, to become such a testimony. He was in his 30’s when he met Oprah as a relentless advocate who was not afraid to tell his story. But he endured so much to become a courageous advocate for himself and other children who are often collateral damage and innocent victims of domestic violence.”

Hamil Harris
Former Washington Post reporter and
Lecturer at Howard University

"Resilient Rose is a biographical story of a resilient young man’s journey of survival from a violently traumatic childhood. This journey begins with the author being an eye witness to the gruesome murders of his beloved mother and older brother. This book is truly an emotional roller coaster. With every turn of the page, there will be moments when you will cry, laugh, cry, and finally stand to your feet to give this author a standing ovation for his triumphant ability to overcome against all odds. As a counseling professional, I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever experienced the highs and lows of life. You will be truly inspired by this page turner."

Reviewed on Amazon

"A must read for those impacted by domestic violence or for those who work in the field of domestic violence. William's courage and resilience along with his willingness to use his voice to help others at every opportunity is inspiring."

Kindle Customer
Reviewed on Amazon

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